1-purple peony and white glittering with red tail; 2-green peony and gold chry with blue tail; 3-red coconut and aqua with red tail; 4-peach peony and drawbench willow with blue tail; 5-silver willow and gold chry with blue tail; 6-silver crown and time rain willow and red glittering with red tail; 7-peach and brocade crown with red tail; 8-from compound Nr.3 - YS18020820 sky blue and golden willow and time rain; 9-from compound Nr.3 - YS18020820 blue peony and brocade crown; 10-from compound Nr.3 - YS18020820 whislting spit cracking chry; 11-from compound Nr.3 - YS18020820 blue and green peony and golden coco; 12-silver willow and gold glittering; 13-silver crown and gold glittering; 14-red coconut and spider with whistling tail; 15-silver willow with whistling tail

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Wymiary produktu: 230 x 540 x 360