Hestia Company
is a leading importer
spectacular pyrotechnics
for almost 30 years

Despite strong competition, we strengthen our position on the market every year, maintaining the status of a leader in this industry.
Our company focuses primarily on customer satisfaction and care for its own brand. We are constantly implementing innovative technologies aimed at improving safety, currently we offer products manufactured in the unique pyromould® technology, whose monolithic construction ensures our launchers:

  • stability,

  • durability,

  • resistance to mechanical damage,

  • 100% repeatability of production parameters and final visual effect,

  • a definite improvement in the safety of users.


For products made in this technology, our company has exclusive sales on the territory of Poland and Eastern Europe !!!
Currently, our products are available in Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine and Romania.
We represent all those who appreciate full professionalism, top-shelf products, but above all safety!

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"Hestia safe fireworks"
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